1 Win 10 Laptop with 2 Users Problem

My wife and I share a laptop with separate Windows Logins and want to share everything in the same Mylio photo library. We had Mylio installed and working well under each of our PC logins but using my Mylio account. For some reason that stopped working. We had this going for several months and it worked well. Upon reading Mylio instructions it sounds like it should not have worked. I am very confused.

If I correctly understand the instructions to do this would require duplication of all our photos which sounds like a completely separate library. It also is suggested to use an external hard drive. Neither of these is desirable. Might there be some workaround?

Mylio is still working fine on my Windows login. When I try to use it on my wifes login it says to either “Replace an existing Mylio Device” or “Set up a new Mylio Device”. This happens after I sign in with my Mylio account.

Any explanation about why it worked before but not now? Also any suggestions for a possible workaround so that we don’t have to duplicate our library? Thanks.

So with no responses to my post I must assume that there is no way to share the Mylio account & catalog between 2 users with separate Windows logins on the same computer. The only way is to totally dupicate all photos on the computer.

For large catalogs this is unworkable on a laptop. Bummer! :sob:

You shouldn’t have to duplicate all your photos. Multiple users can easily share the same Mylio library on multiple computers - no reason that couldn’t work for multiple users on the same PC.

A likely issue - by default, Mylio stores its database files in each user’s personal directory in Windows - for example:


If you were another user on my PC, your Mylio database would be stored in


Seems like it should be possible to change Mylio’s settings to point both users’ database files to the same location, using the Edit -> Settings -> Advanced -> Directories command.

But this might be tricky and I wouldn’t fool around with this on your real data. I would encourage you to open a support request with Mylio and have them guide you.

Hi jimre - Thanks very much for your reply and ideas. As you suggested I just sent an email to Support. Sure hope they can come up with a good solution!

Thought I should post here that Support got back to me quickly. Unfortunately the news was not good. There is no way that 2 users with separate Win10 Logins can share the same set of images on one PC. Each user must be treated as a separate device. Each device must contain either full sized images, reduced size, or thumbnail size.

Since we both want to have access to full size images it would be impractical on the laptop to have two sets of our large library. Support did suggest we could have an external hard drive containing the two libraries but we would rather not do that. So we will eliminate the second Win10 User and share the same login.

Wow, that’s very surprising. It seems like it should be feasible to share a single database instance among multiple Windows logins on the same PC.

Certainly there would be issues if you have both users “logged in” at the same time (eg, using the Windows “Switch Users” feature). The inactive user might have Mylio database files still in-use and locked, causing errors for the active user. Mylio’s database is “single-user”, not “multi-user”.

But I would have still expected it to work if you could avoid the possibility of “simultaneous” users - such as carefully logging out one user, before logging in as another. Maybe there’s some other issue I’m not thinking of…

Could you have one user’s device (your login) have Originals, and the other (your wife’s login) have Thumbnails only? Seems like that would at least avoid duplicating the large Original files, although there would be duplication of database, thumbnails and (at least some) preview files.

Yes it was a real surprise!

Thanks for trying to find a solution for us. Support did mention using thumbnails for one of the users. Problem is we both need access to full size. :sob:

I think both could have access to full size if you have another device on the network that has Originals. With just one PC - the user with the Originals has no problem. But the Thumbnails-only user cannot use “Sync On Demand” or “Download Originals” to request files from the Originals user (since he’s inactive, not running at the moment).

But if you had another computer on the network with originals then the Thumbnails-only user could pull Previews and/or Originals as needed from there. Even a Mylio cloud device (Google/Amazon/OneDrive) could potentially work for this.

Thanks very much for continuing to try to find a solution. At this point I think we will just make the laptop one login. We need the laptop for travelling when we won’t always be on our network. I’m a little concerned about having our photos at one of the cloud sites. Some of them can change dates and possibly corrupt other metadata. We have Outlook 365 and used the 1 tb of Cloud for photos for awhile but decided not to any longer.

Having just one login on the laptop will be okay, just not as nice for each of us as having the separate ones.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: