50,000 photos? I have 31,000

Hello all. Brand new user here and i’m trying to import my photos/library and it tells me there’s not enough space left. My photo library has about 31,000 photos. Does it count the other folders as part of the plan so that’s why I don’t have enough space left? Do I have to upgrade to unlimited?
Thank you in advance and I hope my question was clear.
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I presume it’s referring to your hard disk space, not Mylio licensing.

Hi there…the drive was not connected at the time if youre referring to my external hd. Maybe I’m not understanding your answer.
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Then it’s referring to your internal disk drive. Whatever drive - sounds like it’s telling you there’s not enough disk space, for whatever Import options you chose with Mylio.

Do you have the exact error message you could share?

I don’t have the exact message but it says mylio won’t upload all of my photos. it says i’m 96.53 short of space. I’m so new to this and usually tech saavy enough to manage software…especially one that should be straightforward.

96.53 what? Percent? Gigabytes?

GB i believe.

Without much detail to go on - I’ll take a guess what’s happening:

  1. You have a laptop, probably a Mac of some kind.
  2. You have 31,000 photos in Apple Photos, stored on the laptop internal drive.
  3. You told Mylio to import those 31,000 photos, which creates a COPY of them.
  4. Your laptop doesn’t have enough disk space to store TWO COPIES of all your photos.

You will likely need to import them to your EXTERNAL drive if your computer doesn’t have enough space internally. Check out this article:

Troubleshooting: Importing Apple Photos, iPhoto, or Aperture Libraries to a Computer That Does Not Have Enough Internal Storage - Mylio Support

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As for your original question - if you had actually reached the # of photos limit of your Mylio subscription plan, you would have seen a different error message:

“You have reached your photo limit”

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hi, i see. ok, i’ll check out the article. Thanks so much jimre!