A peek inside: Mylio's new logo and look

Hello Mylio community,

I would like to introduce myself as Mylio’s Content Lead — which means I manage our new blog site where new posts are published regularly (https://blog.mylio.com/) among lots of other Mylio communication work.

@Mylio_Heath (our UX leader) and I just put together a brand-new blog post about our new logo and look that covers why we made changes and what has changed. Please check it out: Mylio Has a Fresh New Logo and Look - Mylio Blog

Thanks for all you do to help us improve the Mylio experience!

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Hi Susan, nice blog, and definitely a better logo in my opinion, I never got that big “X” :slight_smile:
On Windows, the logo looks fine, except the smaller version in the notification area (see screenshot: normal logo on the left, notification area logo at the bottom right)
Regarding the blog, I find it hard to know what is a recent new blog, and what is a recycled older post, sometimes what pops up in my RSS feed feels like it’s been written before. But it’s great to have actual examples of people using Mylio with various use cases, and to have news from the team, I particlarly appreciate that!


Thanks for the feedback, @lekorrigan! I will pass along the sizing info.

About the blog, you are correct; we have revised some of the best posts from the past. We continue to assess the category names, which are trickier to get right than one might think. Nearly all blog posts in the Trending category are new. We are also publishing two new blogs a week, and the most recently published blogs show up first in the category sections on the blog home page. So most of the posts that are showing first are new. This will be the case even more so over the coming months, as we continue publishing new posts and news.

We so appreciate you reading and reaching out with your thoughts!


The new look is nice - and the letter “m” certainly makes more sense than “X”.

Although sometimes when I glance down at that new icon on my taskbar - I get a sudden craving for a Big Mac and fries :slight_smile:


Thanks, @jimre. We hear you! At least “golden” is not one of our brand colors :wink: