A possible solution to unknown camera model


I have thousands of scanned images, scanned by different services, that all show up with “Unknown camera”. I also have lots of video that also shows “Unknown camera”.

So I wanted a way to better group all those, and found an interesting solution.

Using exiftool, I basically add make and model to the xmp file associated with the images/videos that say “Unknown Camera”, like this.

exiftool -overwrite_original -make=“Whoever scanned the image” -model=“Whoever scanned the image”

After that, the image now shows “Whoever scanned the image” as camera, instead of “Unknown Camera”

It also shows up as a camera in the list of cameras in filter and the dashboard.

Hope others find it as useful as I do.


Unfortunately, changes to an existing video sidecar file are ignored by Mylio, and videos are my primary source of Unknown Camera even though there is a model in it’s original metadata.

Although Mylio now can generate proper sidecars for videos, I have found no way to change video metadata other than through the app’s UI, a longstanding issue.

It seems to work for me with a sidecar video from my phone.

exiftool -model=Apple -model=“iPhone 12 Pro Max” file.xmp

I do however make sure that the xmp is already existing

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@mballe : Thanks! I was using the exif:model tag and exiftool uses tiff:model. I do think Mylio has changed since my original testing - changes to the DateTimeOriginal tag via the text editor were not being picked up by Mylio and they seem to be now. Thanks for the fix Mylio team!

You can generalize your command like this:

exiftool -overwrite_original_in_place -TagsFromFile file.mp4 "-make<make" "-model<model" file.xmp