Ability to swap between JPEG & RAW versions

I always shoot RAW+JPEG and am trying out Mylio to see if it will work for me. There is already a lot to like, and one of my absolute requirements is that an app handles RAW+JPEG images as a pair instead of displaying them separately. Mylio does this, which is great.

However, as has already been noted in Preview quality when RAW file is present, in the free version Mylio displays the RAW version of all pairs with no way to tell it to display the JPEG version instead. I don’t have an issue with the quality of the image, as my camera is supported. But what is an issue for me is that I really like the JPEG processing in my camera, and seeing the JPEG versions is important for my process of selecting which images to keep (and how to rate them).

It causes further issues, because there’s no easy way to share the JPEG version from Mylio (I can Show in Finder and then select the JPEG version from the folder in the Finder and share from there, but I can’t share it directly from within Mylio). As a side effect, it also means that in the free version of Mylio, there is no way to edit the JPEG of a RAW+JPEG pair.

My ideal setup would be:

  • Set Mylio to display JPEG from pairs by default (I gather this is currently possible if on a paid plan)
  • Have a mechanism for toggling which version of a pair is displayed for an individual or several photos (e.g. an item in the Photo menu called something like Prefer [RAW|JPEG]) – I don’t think this is currently possible even with a paid plan?

As I say, I generally want to display the JPEG version, but in some cases I do prefer the RAW (or want to edit the RAW and create my own JPEG).


There is a Prefer RAW when available option under Settings -> General. This doesn’t do exactly what you’re seeking however, and it is a global setting, not folder or image based. Would having a “stack” for the Raw + JPEG images that would display as one photo, but you could open be a workable solution to this? In that scenario, you could go into the stack and see each file individually.

This would certainly help with part of my issue, but this setting doesn’t appear in the free version (which I’m currently using to evaluate Mylio). And as @bwbecker has noted, the setting defaults to ON, even in the free version where there’s no toggle to switch it to OFF. So initially it would be a huge improvement if this setting could default to OFF in the free version.

This would work as long as it was possible to specify which photo would be on the top of the stack (both a default and being able to override this on an individual basis). On the topic of stacks, I would find it really helpful if Mylio had a stack feature similar to Aperture (which I’m currently using and trying to find a replacement for!). From reading the forums, I’m aware there’s a sort-of stack feature by having an extra JPEG with _display appended to the name. However, I would like to be able to group multiple versions of a photo in a stack and choose which one will show on top, and achieve this all from within Mylio.

Thanks for considering feedback like this!

Yep, I am a former Aperture user and was looking for a replacement when I started using Mylio (before being an employee). SO I understand their stack and used it often.

For your evaluation, you might consider moving your account to a “Trial” account for 30 days. You’ll have all the paid functionality and if you decide to let it default back to free, nothing will go away from your library. You can move to trial by singing into your account at https://account.mylio.com/


It would be useful to handle/split the pairs. I often shoot Raw as a backup in difficult situations but would like to discard big RAW files if I see my JPEGs are good enough.

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Watching this topic… I also shoot RAW+JPEG. Good the files are stacked, but would be great to be able to split them and process them separately if desired. Delete one or the other. Delete the JPEG and create a new one (“Process” in Capture 1 parlance).

Another use case… keep both as uploaded, but create a new JPEG or even multiple JPEGs (different sizes, quality, etc.). Would be great to have them all stacked, but realize the potential complexity in the GUI with this.

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We shoot JPG on our phones and RAW on my ‘Real’ camera. I do all my RAW editing in Luminar 4 and thus far have kep the RAW files away from Mylio. When done editing I export to a folder that Mylio sees as a JPG.

It would simplify my workflow to initially send any new RAW files to a folder that Mylio sees and then send to Luminar for editing. I would continue exporting JPG’s from Luminar after editing to a Mylio Folder. The problem with this approach though is both the JPG AND the RAW would be visible which I normally would not want.

Luminar has a global setting that I think might help a lot of us on this issue. Under the View Menu you can select ‘Show RAW only’, Show JPG only’ or ‘Show separately’.

If you set under “Settings - General - Prefer RAW when available”, selecting a file and using “Open with” sends a CR3 from my library to DxO Photolab.
Selecting a JPG file (e.g. from my phone) and using “Open with” selects this JPG in Photolab.

You might give it a try. I didn’t wait until all my previews are regenerated and can’t say, what effect it will have on the preview. If you select one file for edit as RAW in Mylio, a not very pleasing image is displayed. This might be the case with this option.

Thanks for your suggestions. That works for me also. And my Canon CR3 files are also not pleasing displayed in Mylio - quite noisy.

My goal is to have all my photos catalogued and available in Mylio, including my original RAW CR3s. But the only time I want to look at theCR3s in Mylio is when I’m ready to edit them in Luminar. At that point I will use the Open With Luminar. After editing in Luminar I will send them back to Mylio as a JPG and those are the only versions I normally want visible! Thus my request for a ‘switch’ to select for viewing all photos that are JPG or RAW or both. This is the way Luminar does it and it’s very convenient. It doesn’t seem like this would be very difficult for Mylio to implement. At least I hope not! :grinning:

What are the current development plans around this? I have been shooting raw primarily for many years, but just got a Fuji X-E3 and really enjoy the jpegs it produce. Would, just like @jzw prefer I there was a setting to tell Mylio when to put jpegs “on top” and when to use the raw images.


I’m wondering if there is any progress by Mylio on this? My wife and I share our Mylio catalog on different computers. She is not very tech savvy and I’m quite afraid to have my RAW originals exposed to her! As I mentioned in my previous post a very simple switch ‘Show JPG/Show RAW/Show Both’ would solve my problem and I think would work for many others here.

As a result of this I have had to purchase a separate DAM (Photo Supreme) so the RAW’s aren’t visible to my wife. I only send the JPGs to a folder Mylio can see. This has created a cumbersome workflow and I would sure like to use Mylio as my only DAM. I do my editing in DXO.

Please Mylio add the JPG/RAW/Both switch or similar functionality to Mylio . Thanks.

Can you try the following and see if it works for you - if it does, let me know and I’ll make it a bit more convenient in the next release:

In the filter bar, click on Type, and select Photo. Then, click on Custom, and copy/paste the following:

For RAWs only:

media:“length(NonRAWOriginalDataHash(Files)) = 0”

For JPGs only:

media:“length(RAWOriginalDataHash(Files)) = 0”

For Both:

media:“length(NonRAWOriginalDataHash(Files)) + length(RAWOriginalDataHash(Files)) = 40”

(Depending on your browser you may have to re-type those quotation marks in Mylio.)

Just noting that for me, this includes MP4s as if they were raws.

Also, the query for both returns far fewer images than either of the other two!

Hi Dean - Thanks very much for working on this. I used your filtering on my Mylio 23,479 photos. It returned:
RAW = 20
JPG = 23,161
Both = 9

It is basically doing what I need although I may need to sort out some of the totals. For instance it shows 20 RAWs yet per the Dashboard there are12 CR3s & 16 DNGs.

I do hope that when you finalize this that the selection will be made in Settings instead of Filtering. Unlikely my Wife would change anything in Settings but she could accidentally alter a Filter.

Thanks again - this will be a huge help and will hopefully allow me to use Mylio as my DAM instead of Photo Supreme. I will be able to set my Wife’s devices to not show any RAW files and mine will show everything. That will keep my RAW files safe and gve Mylio’ s great Synced backup to all files.

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