Add a preference to allow automatic saving of metadata to image

While I can appreciate that much of Mylio’s speed comes from writing metadata like “title,” “caption,” and “keywords” to synced XMP files, I would still like to see an option to always write that metadata directly to a file. I would suggest it be disabled by default, to preserve the speed benefits.

I do use the keyboard shortcut to save the metadata to the file (when desired, and when I remember), but that option doesn’t exist on iOS. However, if there was such an option, the desktop version could recognize the changes made on iOS and update the file accordingly.


I made a similar request for a different purpose.

Similar request

Can I second or third this request. I would love it if you wrote the changes directly to my JPG files. I would also appreciate the .xmp files not even existing unless they were needed because the picture had fuzzy dates or something like that…Jackie

I also strongly agree. I generally edit / modify because of a shortcoming in the original, so all I want to go forward with is the “new” image. However, I can understand that more professional users would want to keep the original and alterations. But the ability to keep the new image with “baked in” changes should at least be available optionally without having to export the image.

Yes please.

Agree that auto saving would be helpful.
Meanwhile I can’t find “Save metadata to file” on iPad. Is it only available on Windows and Mac? (Just begun using / /evaluating Mylio).

Agree and also request. I think the number of users annoyed that their metadata is less portable if they forget to save to file is larger than the number that would be upset to find out it all wasn’t saved.

That said, I appreciate that right now I can select any number of files and run the command, that’s pretty good. And I guess the write to file step is slow…thought I don’t see why it’s so slow.

It is slower to write, because the sidecar is like 10kbytes and a jpg is from 3-10 megabytes…
And take that synchronizing to external, nas and cloud vaults with limited(lower) bandwidth.

Nonetheless I would prefer this option.

another vote for this!

Hi everyone!

Thank you all so much for speaking up about this. I just wanted to drop in and let you know we hear you and are looking at our options for this request! As I know more about a resolution to this I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated.

Thanks for helping us make Mylio better!

Another vote to allow automatice saving of metadata to the image. There should be a setting to allow/disallow. I would only have it set to Auto on my fast Desktop.

I am concerned that I will sometimes forget to do the manual save. How will I later know that I have missed some? Only way I can overcome that now is to periodically run the command on All Photos which with a large Library can be a slow process.

Thanks for considering this.