Adding categories - how?

How on earth do you add categories? I’ve selected a few photos, added a category, and now they’ve all received a category that one of the photos already had. I can’t see any way to add a category without this happening - what am I missing? - Thanks

This is currently the way categories work when you have more than one photo selected (see this thread)and which is why for me manually assigned categories won’t really work for me. Right now, I do make use of categories by assigning them to a folder or event.

I’m hoping that in a future update there will be a way to properly bulk add categories, but right now this can only be done with individual photos.

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I too only use categories by inheritance from folders, with an exception - I have two ‘flag’ categories that I use (only one at a time) when I want to identify ad-hoc groups of images. I do this because Mylio’s standard flag updates the xmp sidecars, while categories are stored only in the catalogue, and so take less time to add or remove on large groups.

I expect that the present tendency of categories to ‘leak’ in multiple selections will be fixed at some point - they were only recently added. As @rain says here, they need three-state boxes - like keywords.

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