Adjusting syncing policy by year and months

In the folder view I can adjust the syncing policy for a specific folder.
For instance I can decide to have also previews on the mobile device.

This is a nice feature. I can “download” a preview for all files from that specific folder.

But I have many folders (one per day and event and camera)
I wish to have a similar feature to adjust these settings also in the calender.

At the moment I would like to download all previews from 2020 on my mobile device and I realised that it seems to be impossible or it will take eons.

I suppose you could accomplish this by adding keywords… I know that’s not exactly what you’re looking for but you can choose what to sync based on keywords or tags, stuff like that.

Maybe consider using color labels or star ratings for selective syncing. I do this with my iPad - sync all Thumbnails, but only sync Previews for 3-star & higher photos (since those are the ones I might actually want to view on the iPad).

Having time-based selective sync criteria is interesting, but I’m trying to think how I’d use it. Your example is “sync Previews for all of 2020” - but do you really want to choose a explicit year? What happens next year?

I think I’d rather have something like “sync Previews for the previous year” - eg, where it ensures a rolling 12-month window of synced Previews. Once the Previews age out of that window, then they get considered “cached” (deleted when space is required).

I used color labels in this fashion very successfully. You can also change the sync policy settings by folder on a device by device basis. So you could aggregate all your “2020” photos into one or a few folders and, by device, have Mylio sync a Thumbnail, Preview or Original version of the photos.

More info here under the “Tap to Sync”