Advanced Lightroom Import/Rendering

One of the issues with using both Mylio and Lightroom is that Mylio is unable to display fully-rendered (“developed”) versions of RAW files that are edited in Lightroom. Mylio has a very basic Export plugin for Lightroom that can generate a *_display.jpg for use in Mylio, which has its limits.

Instead I wonder if it’s possible to render these from within Mylio? It seems possible that Mylio could programmatically invoke the Adobe DNG Converter app to fully-render edited RAW files using its built-in Camera RAW engine, and automatically create a *_display.jpg (or even a rendered Mylio “Preview” DNG). I can envision a more advanced Mylio Lightroom import module that uses this technique. Or possibly even the ability to invoke this on the fly whenever Mylio encounters a photo whose XMP sidecar contains Adobe Camera RAW edits.

While Mylio would not have rights to distribute Adobe DNG Converter, they could require the user to install it before using this hypothetical feature. This is exactly what some 3rd-party apps do - notably LRTimelapse, which fully renders LR-edited RAW files into frames of a timelapse video.

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Can we have an offline dialog about this? I am at
It would help to understand why using the DNG converter results in better results than what we do now, which is to ask LR to generate a display image for us. There is also the cross platform / cross device issue. If we are generating the display image on the fly, using DNG converter does not work on phones or tablets.

Sorry, I meant: Jim, can we have an offline dialog about this.
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