Advantages to Originals vs. Previews?

Is there any advantage to having an Original synced to a device as compared to a Preview?

I am wondering primarily whether this makes any difference when editing, but perhaps there are advantages in other respects.

I have a vault set up with all of my Originals but only edit on my Mac or iPad which are set to sync only previews.

There are a few instances when having the original version of the file is advantageous. For example, if you’re trying to export a full resolution version of an image, or trying to edit with a third party tool, having the original might be necessary. If you’re zooming in to close detail on an image and wanting to see certain how editing might affect the sharpness, for example, you might want the original file. Everything else really works just the same with a preview as it would with an original - general editing, face recognition, etc.

As Previews also load much faster and take considerable less space, your setup is ideal. You can always request Originals on the fly (select the images for which you want originals and right click - or action menu on your iPad - and tap Download Originals). As long as your device can see another device that has the originals available - like a vault - it will bring just those originals over. Periodically, you can use the Clean Cache button under Devices in your dashboard to clean up Originals that are not needed in that device.

You can also sync Originals at the Folder level rather than the device level. Example: you have a new folder of photos from a recent trip, and want to take your laptop to the coffee shop and work just on those photos. You can ask Mylio to download Originals of just that folder to your laptop. For more info on how to do this, check out this support article under “Tap to Sync”: Setting Custom Device Sync Policies - Mylio Support

Also, videos and documents have to be originals to be usable. Mylio previews don’t contain videos and only snapshots the first page of a document.

Thanks for the replies @Mylio_JC and @Mylio_Deon — makes sense.

Thanks for pointing that out too. I assume that means that when editing with a preview, you are seeing an approximation of how the image will look after adjustments are applied, and then after the adjustments are applied to the original, the preview is synced back to the device you edited on?

I had assumed the preview was the same resolution as the original, but perhaps that is not the case?

I feel like I should be editing mostly with the originals cached if that can affect what I see as I am adjusting things. Have others noticed a significant difference when editing between having originals present vs. editing with only previews?

Previews seem to be limited to 2048 pixels on the long side, so yes, you do see a difference when zoomed in or on a hi-res screen.

It’s also handy if the internet blows up… right? Imagine a post-apocalyptic work in which you have all your photos in pristine, original condition on all your deivces. A happy thought! :thinking: :pleading_face:

@Mylio_JC touched on 3rd-party editing, but probably worth emphasizing. Mylio Preview files are a type of DNG file that is not recognized by - and therefore cannot be edited in Lightroom or Photoshop. At least not directly, you’d have to first export from Mylio to another format.

If you edit images in Lightroom or Photoshop - like I do - then you’ll want to be sure to keep your Originals around.