Album/category for reprocessed photos

Sometimes external software writing to files seems to corrupt photos (see topic on get help). To help users detect such issues after a photo was imported to Mylio, how about adding a setting that could be enabled that would add photos that Mylio detected with changes to the file (that triggers a reprocessing of the thumbnail) to be added to a special album or category? That would make it easy for anyone to occasionally review this album/category and remove any photos that are fine.

This could be an advanced setting that’s just enabled by folks that have had this happen before or that would like to watch for files changed by external software for other reasons.


Good idea, I would want to know about this as there shouldn’t be anything messing with my photos without me knowing!

You can enable “Show file changes” under the “General” settings.

If Mylio detects any changes on the disk, it will show you a dialog with a file that you can download and save which will tell you exactly which files have been changed.

I’ve been using this feature from the very beginning, but its usability for this use case would be unsuited as it would mean you would have to either copy and paste every single file name it lists manually into mylio search on each time you get the dialog or save it and try to do the same at a later time. Trust me, it’s not something you’ll do or keep doing for a long time.

Furthermore it’s not an option for me anymore as my main mylio instance connected to my main vault on a NAS is now a practically headless Mac. So I actually can’t use this anymore as no sync would ever finish unless I VNC’d into the Mac to confirm or deny it.
This is a setup support highly recommended due to the database troubles I had with a NAS vault syncing via WiFi.

Don’t get me wrong Deon, I appreciate bringing up the option as it’s there right now, but it requires just too much maintenance to be useful wherein what I suggested would be super low maintenance for the user requiring just the occasional check scrolling through a bunch of thumbnails to ensure things are fine.

Yeah I figured that was the case for you :). My response was more directed at @matherton.

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I can’t find “Show file changes” on my Settings > General.

Under my General, I have the following:

  • Prevent sleep when active
  • Categories
  • Prefer RAW when available
  • Import Microsoft Office documents
  • Confirm Darg & Drop Action
  • Icon Badges

Based on the list of settings you’re seeing, I suspect you may be looking on a mobile phone device. “Show file changes” is only available for desktop/laptop devices.

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Deon, you were right, I was looking at my iPhone. I found the “Show files changes” on my MacBook Pro and I have enabled that feature. Thanks.

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