"All Photos" view improvements - layout setup option

In addition to “stacking” request which I now posted (and which is super-important for the Mylio usefulness), it would be great to be able to control whether photos in “All Photos” (or may be another dedicated tab?) flow. I would suggest to have following options (user chooses whether to apply them or not):

  1. Checkbox “split on month boundary” → every month starts from new row in a fluid layout, title saying “February 2020” etc is displayed before (above) photos flow

  2. Checkbox “split on event boundary” → every event starts from new row in a fluid layout, as with the first option, photos are prepended with event title + date title

In general above “ideas” is how Google Photos shows media. I like Mylio much more but I miss an option to customize a view in described way so much!


Hi @Nick_Shrayer - thank you so much for the suggestion. Making your photos easier to find is what we’re all about, and I definitely think having an option to customize the All Photos view in some unique ways is a great idea. I’ll add this to our list and see what our options are!

Thanks @Mylio_Matt . I so much want to use Mylio as the frontend for all my photos. And of course I will be happy to be a paying customer. But those 2 missing features really push me back - ability to have collapsible stacks on the timeline (“All Photos”) and an option to have a bit more friendly timeline - having those splits on months/events (or maybe even more customizable). Your “life calendar” feature is fantastic and an idea of having events defined on the timeline is super-power but I’m really missing that “last mile” - an ability to see all my photos in a convenient and customizable way

Thanks for your work, Mylio :grinning:

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I’m on a similar track of mind - I love what the calendar is, but I kind of hate the way it is right now. Having a continuous scroll with date dividers instead of swiping side to side would be so nice - sometimes it’s helpful to see just the (filled in) date before or after, to make informed decisions about date changes. I find myself using the “show all” year option for this reason, but it can be a lot of photos in a year - I like the idea of having them divided by day but again, I hate only being able to see that day. If that makes sense…

Hi @katie180 - that makes perfect sense. Actually, the side-to-side swiping to go from day to day was something that we added late in the game as we found ourselves using Calendar view for more than what we originally set out for it to be (which is a great looking way to find a specific set of photos either by date or by event).

When we found that we liked it for that but also wanted to stay in the view to browse and experience our photos a bit more, we added the side swiping as a quick way to go from one day to another instead of having to back out of the day and go to the next day.

You and Nick are both right that finding a way to browse your photo library in a truly organized would be helpful and it is something I’m really interested in. Both of you plus some others here on the forums have submitted some great ideas that serve as a jumping off point for that!


Thanks @Mylio_Matt . Couldn’t wait to see some outcomes :grinning: