Allow overriding of inherited category on individual photos

Starting to get more into using categories, I was expecting this already to be an option, but it seems it’s not possible yet.

To give a bit of context to begin with, we’re going on a lot of work trips where the family tags along and while some of the photos are work related, most of them are not. I’m now in the progress of reorganizing my unsorted date folders and figured it to be a good idea to keep the trip photos all together and to use categories to be able to easily filter out work / non work photos.

So what I tried to do is to set up a travel folder and within that add all our trips with folders named “date-month destination”. Since most of the photos are non work related, I assigned the “no work” category to the travel folder.
When I now tried to apply the “work” category to a few work photos within a trip folder, I noticed that I’m unable to override / remove the inherited “no work” category.

That means while I’m able to filter for just the “work” photos, I don’t think I can display just the “no work” photos as that category remains inherited by the “work” photos.

I understand that I could get the results that I’d like by not applying the “no work” category to the entire folder tree, but I’m looking to simplify my life and thus only manually categorize the few “work” photos as I come across them instead of having to manually assign categories to hundreds or thousands of photos per folder.

I’m hoping that I’m missing something here, but if not I’d really like to see this option added to achieve what I’m looking for.


You can actually add categories to individual media today and it will combine with the existing inherited categories.

Are you asking for a way to remove an inherited category on an individual media?

Yes. Maybe this was lost a bit in my message where I detailed on why I’d like this.

Essentially, all my travel photos are in a travel folder I assigned the “travel” category to. There’s a few work related photos that I want to be able to easily filter out if needed or just have those displayed. For this I can apply the “work” category to them to just filter for those, but I can’t display just the non work photos as all “work” photos inherit the “travel” category.

EDIT: In fact, I’m not really sure how I could solve this right now without using inherited categories. Say, I tagged all work photos with “work” and then wanted to tag all remaining photos in a folder with the “no work” category, I can’t seem to easily do this.
First of all, there’s no inverse selection option I can find and
secondly, if I have a category filter applied, select all photos for it and then uncheck the category I filtered for, my selection is lost.


I want to bring this topic up again. Please make it easier to assign an unassign photos to categories. A folder can contain several categories. But all photos in the folder inherit the category to the folder and it seems there is no way to just search for one category in this folder like rain is talking about.

But if I remember right, Mylio team is working on the category feature?