Alternatives to Dark Mode?

I’m wondering if the Dark Mode on the main Mylio screen can be changed to a light mode. I found a comment from Nov. 2, 2018 posted by Daniel J. Cox about a “Major Mylio Update” Daniel J. Cox The comment indicated that the Dark Mode had become the default.
New Features

  • Mylio has gone to Dark mode! Our most popular way to view Mylio is now the default with a new interface.

As a relatively new user in 2021 of Mylio on Windows 10, I find the grey on black hard to read, especially for items that are greyed out. I have changed settings in Windows 10 to enable high contrast, but the Mylio page hasn’t changd. Has anyone found alternatives to this default Dark Mode?


Mylio used to have a Light Mode and a Dark Mode. Light Mode has since been removed.

Thanks for the response. I’m sorry to hear that. Please consider replacing it as an option for us older folks who struggle to see the details when gray on black. Accessibility is good, visual frustration is bad!

Barbara Greenfeldt


I was looking all over to figure out how to turn off Dark Mode on Mylio. I’m sad to find that it had a Light Mode that was removed. That’s very unfortunate. I find Mylio’s dark mode difficult to read. Actaully, the dark mode on the Mylio community forum is a lot more readable than Mylio itself.

Please bring back light mode. Give people a choice. Make it follow the operating system selection.