Android albums issue

Does Mylio recognise Android albums?
I’ve just downloaded it onto my Samsung S21 which has 6 albums in the Gallery. However, the photos were all just brought in en bloc and not in the individual albums.

Unfortunately, Albums cannot be brought over. When importing media on an Android device, Mylio will automatically create a folder for your device outside the Mylio Pictures folder named “Your_Device’s_Name’s Library”. All photos imported on the device will be placed in this folder. If you prefer, they can be moved elsewhere after they are imported.

Is there any change to get this changes. I do not see any benefit having my pictures spread to multiple folder. I kind of would like to have just one folder for every photo I’m shooting. I do have some pictures that are not really mine, more work related that I would like to keep. For these I would prefer to have separate folder.

If I do move files from Android photos folder to my pictures folder do they get somehow organized automatically? I do have set photos folder to be split by yearh/month/day and it would be rater annoying to copy every day separately.

We do not have immediate plans to change the import behavior on Android. You can use the auto folder organizing feature to automatically organize your photos into folders based on year/month/day (or other criteria) after they are imported.