Any way to automate Mylio via Applescript or similar?

Any way to automate Mylio via Applescript or JavaScript for Automation (JXA)?

Like to do some filtering, then select all shown images, then apply some keyword change, then repeat this for another filter, etc?

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There isn’t any automation support in the App. I use another app to send automated keystrokes for a few things, such as frequent searches. However, the filesystem is completely open, so you can do your own scripted filtering and update keywords, labels, ratings, captions and titles by using exiftool with the XMP sidecars (or do this in another XMP-using app); Mylio will spot the change and reflect it in the UI.

[Update: as pointed out by @Paul_Jensen, sidecar changes for videos are not reliably noticed by Mylio at present.]

I added a comment in the #application-feedback channel, this would have helped my migration from Apple Photos tremendously: Top ten features that would make Mylio great - #10 by Govvamuorra

True for photos, but there is still no way to reliably have sidecar changes for video files reflected in Mylio’s understanding.

Thanks - I always forget that, since I don’t keep videos in Mylio!

Keyboard Maestro

True, KM is great. I use it quite a bit for lots of programs - and will use it for Mylio too.

But deep integration of an app with the automation the OS offers is always preferable.