Apple Photos library only recognized on ipad / iphone?

I only just started to connect multiple devices. I first set up Mylio on my mac minie, then Ipad, then my Windows machine.

When Mylio was installed on my mac, it did not know Apple photos was there. Apple photos was only “discovered” when the app was installed on Ipad.

This is normal ?

The Apple Photos import must be set up separately for each device. If your devices share an iCloud Photos library, you’ll only want to enable the import on one device to prevent duplicates.

To import your Apple Photos library into Mylio on macOS, you can go to File > Import > Aperture/Photos. Mylio should automatically detect your Photos library. Select the “Apple Photos” button near the top of the dialog window to import it. We have more steps on this process in the following guide:

thanks, I have finally earned the “trust” level on this forum :joy:

I have posted here that is related to importing the Apple photo library on my mac but the library is not on the default user location and is on an external SSD