Apple Photos sync

Having initially being nervous (as you can see from my setup post), I have been using this for a little while now on both my and my wife’s phones, and it is superb!

It has optimised and made more efficient our family photo workflow. I sync my Mylio frequently, tag, add to albums and move into main library, then delete from my camera roll. For my wife I do the same except I don’t delete from her camera roll as that’s her own personal file system for photos, but this doesn’t affect Mylio’s sync as it knows it’s last synced position. If there are any that are synced but don’t need to be in the family photos library, I can delete at that point without affecting her library

Perfect and thank you!

I look forward to being able to view the Live Photo’s within Mylio in the future but knowing they are fully stored in Mylio without loss of that functionality, makes me very happy