Apple Photos - yay or nay?

Returning Mylio user here… I used it for about a year and now am back. Really impressed with all the improvements. I am struggling to figure out a best practice for adding my photos to Mylio. I have had some good discussion with support on this but still am not sure which way to go.

Currently, I have my photos in Apple Photos and syncing to iCloud (originals on my iMac). My phone is on the same iCloud account (optimize storage). Monthly, I also export all my originals from Apple Photos into a backup hard drive in folders by month and year.

My question is really - what are the pros and cons with using Apple Photos? It seems like going all-in on Mylio would make the most sense, but I’m wondering if I’m missing out on something by combining the two. I want to make things as simple as possible for me, and also be able to share a library with my wife.

Would love some input from users like you! Thanks, in advance.

I use both, mainly because Apple Photos does background sync on iOS and Mylio doesn’t, because Apple won’t let it. I’m hopeless at remembering to sync Mylio on my phone and iPad after changes.

On a Mac, Apple Photos has smart albums and Mylio doesn’t yet, but I gather Mylio will have that soon as well as a sharing feature. I don’t use Apple’s photo sharing, because they resize the images and strip out the metadata - I export everything to be shared to OneDrive instead.

That’s my $0.02!

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I use have used Apple Photos (iPhoto) and Mylio together since 2015. Apple Photos is the default camera roll on my phone and is great for quick tasks with recently taken or saved pictures. I use Mylio as my long-term archive and organization system for finding and curating important moments in my past.

If you use iCloud Photo Library, then there are two important things to do:

  • Pick ONE device connected to your iCloud Photo Library that Mylio can import from.

  • Make sure that device has enough space to be set to Download and Keep Originals.

I use my phone as this device. I’m iPhone has plenty of space for my entire iCloud Photo Library set to Keep Originals + Mylio set to Auto Optimized. My iPad uses Mylio to access my phone’s camera roll, with iCloud Photo Library turned off. iPad pictures still go into Mylio, but the Apple Photos camera roll on that device only has images taken on or saved to that device. My Macs all use Apple Photos, but Mylio does not import from them, so there is no issue with how they are setup.

You can read more here:

If you don’t use iCloud Photo Library, you can find other import and access options for Apple Photos here:

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Thanks for the input. Interesting.

This is the first time I’ve thought about the phone as the main device. What made you choose your phone as your iCloud/Apple Photos main device over your Mac?

Do have all your Apple devices syncing with iCloud? Do you have issues with duplicates?

All my devices sync with iCloud, but none now sync automatically with Mylio because I am exporting images from Mylio to iCloud, and that would indeed create a loop that generates duplicates! I export manually from iCloud to Mylio when images arrive that way, such as from social media, and then delete or hide them. I generally use the Lightroom camera app on my phone, not the Apple one. Mostly, iCloud is just another distribution mechanism for images from Mylio, as I use it.

I do not use iCloud, both because I don’t want to pay for it and because I don’t trust any company with my files, I’ve used computers since mid-80ies and many an application has been used since then, not even Google can find information about some of them. A file on my hard drive is a file I can trust to be on my hard drive in 20 years too.

The fact I never understood how iCloud sync works might have affected my decision… :flushed:

I’ve been thinking of going all-in on Mylio but the main reason I won’t let go of Photos is that sooner or later Apple will make a major change and if my photos is in their ecosystem it will be easier to roll with the change. Vendor lock-in, I think, but I am so far into the orchard that I cannot find my way out.

I think that is one aspect to think of in whatever setup you choose; if Photos is fundamentally redesigned, will your solution follow or will you be stranded? (E.g. iPhoto ➙ Photo ➙ heavy push towards iCloud)