Batch Process to fix dates for MOV files

I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to come up with a batch process to fix the dates for video files that are imported (primarily Apple MOV files).

For some background on this issue, please see here: Video Importing lost date

  1. Select a folder that contains video files that need to be fixed. Filter the folder for video files. Select all the video files that have the wrong date (either select all, or go through them one-by-one by labeling them). Right-click and select “Download Originals”. Once this process has been completed, choose to export all of the video files to a temporary directory. Then delete all of these files from Mylio.

  2. Use Exiftool to change the system File Modify Date of each of the video files. For MOV files, the command is: ExifTool “-FileModifyDate<CreationDate” *.mov

Depending on where the actual media creation date is located in the metadata, you may need to replace “CreationDate” with the appropriate tag. (I have only tested this for original iOS MOV files)

  1. Once Exiftool has run through the file list, you can copy the files back into Mylio and the software should recognize the correct date and time.

  2. Repeat for each physical folder that you want to fix.

  3. This process works for videos that were filmed in the same time zone as the official time zone for the PC that you are working on. For videos in other timezones, you will have to manually time-shift the video files.


  • Because you are deleting the original file, you will unfortunately lose all other metadata associated with it, including albums that it has been added to. I tried running the process without deleting the files by copying and replacing an existing video file, but Mylio does not seem to refresh the Date/Time taken by doing it this way.

This is not a perfect process, but it has worked for me and allowed me to avoid having to correct times/dates manually through the Mylio interface, which besides being a significant amount of manual procedures using a mouse, also only allows you to change down to the minute, not to the second.

I had not yet inputted significant caption and metadata for my video files, so I was not losing much work here.

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