Best method of importing Apple Photos

I had been importing my Apple Photos from my iPhone and unfortunately also from my iPad so I have tons of duplicates. So I decided to stop importing from my IOS devices altogether and now import from my iMac’s Apple Photos.

I am finding that it takes a lot longer for my images to show up in Mylio this way. Does anyone else find this to be true? Is it better to just have Mylio import from your iPhone?

It sounds like you’re using both Mylio and iCloud photo library on your devices, which tends to creates the issues you’re referring to: either duplicates (because iCloud is syncing photos from your devices) or unpredictability (because your iMac Photos library might not actually have the files locally - Mylio can not retrieve originals from iCloud).

Few ways you can proceed:

1 - stop using iCloud Photo library and let Mylio be the only syncing mechanism
2 - Choose to only import into Mylio from your Phone, and add other photo sources (like cameras or scans) directly into Mylio (in other words, don’t use Apple Photos on your iMac with Mylio)
3 - What you did, which is only sync with your iMac Apple Photos library, but turn the Download originals to this Mac option on in your Apple Photos preferences (this will start putting originals in your Apple Photos library which is typically stored in your internal drive, so thread carefully there as you might start filling up your drive).

I personally use option 1 and don’t rely on iCloud for any of my photos, it works really well. Still use iCloud for document or other files.

Feel free to email if you’d like help setting up any of the above scenarios.

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How do you use option 1 and add your iPhone images to Mylio, if you don’t sync with iCloud or Apple Photos? I use my iPhone as my camera for most of my photos these days. Eventually, I plan on having all my old paper photos digitized and added once I get Mylio under control.

You simply install Mylio on your phone and sign in with the same account as Mylio on your computer. Anytime Mylio is running on both your computer and your phone it will synchronize the photos across both devices. WIth this setup is important that you have one ro more vaults (home for originals) set up in Mylio since you won’t be backing up to iCloud anymore. But if you’re planning on adding all your old paper photos anyway, iCloud would possibly run out of room anyway, so you’d need to store your images elsewhere.

Feel free to PM me if you need specific help. I’d be happy to do a 1:1 session over zoom and make sure you’re optimally set up for what you’re trying to accomplish.

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Hi J.C.,

Wow, I didn’t realize I was emailing THE J.C. Figueroa! I have found your Webinars very helpful, thank you. I will take you up on that offer. However, I just had my second covid vaccine, so I am not running on full strength yet, but I will get back to you when I am a little more up to it.


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Just message anytime. Feel better soon.

I have recently started doing this with a OnePlus [Android] phone. It works well, as I use this as my most carried camera. It puts photos into an Inbox folder. Inbox appeared on one drive of originals but not the other. Do I need to categorize Inbox photos myself?


Hi Lee – that seems a bit odd. Photos from an Android phone’s cameral roll should be going into the Android Photos → [yourdevicename] folder. Inbox folder is for photos that you manually share to Mylio from an App (like your texting app or something like WhatsApp).

I’d suggest you email from the app (this will send in your system logs) so they can take a look and help you correct the setup if needed.

Do you have an ‘Android Photos’ folder on each of your drives?

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Thanks for the reply.

I thought it was odd, too, as it hadn’t happened before! I had to wipe/reinstall my phone [for other reasons] and…

I now see the directories ‘Android Photos/OnePlus7 Pro Library’ in the ‘Mylio_xxxx’ folder. Inbox is at the same directory level as Android Photos. I haven’t done this and don’t really want every phone photo to appear in Mylio! The source directories are not like this, as I edit/cull pictures before they go into Mylio.

I put Mylio on my phone for one main reason: to put recent photos directly into Mylio without a whole sync/backup copy operation. I do the backup maybe once a month to a NAS. Mylio takes historical images from an edited copy of this source. Hence my question about Inbox!