Best practices with Fuji RAW+JPG and using Mylio together with CaptureOne

I just switched to a Fuji mirrorless and have started to shoot RAW+JPG. Most of the time I’m happy with the JPGs from the camera. But every now and then I want to edit the RAW file. But when I select a photo and choose Open With, Mylio sends the JPG and not the RAW to CaptureOne. Also, the files selected in Mylio is sent one by one to CaptureOne, having the Import dialog in C1 open multiple times.

  1. Can I have Mylio send the RAW files?
  2. Is the problem with multiple dialogs because of Mylio or C1?
  3. Would it be possible to just open the root folder for my Mylio library in C1? That would remove the need for the Open With step all together.

Any suggestions on a smooth workflow between Mylio and C1 are welcome!


Instead of “Open with” try using “Show in Finder/Explorer” (this is done either from the Action Menu or by right-clicking the selected images). Mylio will show you the location of the files in the filesystem so you can then easily open then with C1.

Also try turning on “Prefer RAW when available” under Settings → General