Best way to delete duplicates with an external software

after importing several libraries, I have found several duplicates in my Mylio folders.
With my Mylio-account I have four mobile devices, two vaults and two computers. The latter four are set to hold all the originals.

What would be the best way to find and delete duplicates using tools like e.g. PhotoSweeper?
What impact has the switch “Safe Delete”?

Thank you for your support,
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There are many threads in the community around this topic.

The developers are working on a built-in way to remove duplicates, and the best recommendation is to wait for that to arrive.

Safe delete would need to be turned off when using an external tool - otherwise it will bring back the deleted items if it can. It’s vital to have an independent backup, or to keep one vault offline, just in case the external tool deletes the wrong images!

More than that I cannot say, as I don’t use an external de-duplicator.