Best workflow for metadata manipulation in iOS/ iPadOS

I am currently switching to Mylio. After having to start over again (due to my own fault), I am now preparing to go “all in”.
What I am still missing though is the possibility to manipulate metadata (e.g. GPS information) for a set of pictures (where set is not only one) using another app than Mylio.
On Mac and Windows, where I have the originals, I can simply open the containing folder, manipulate the files and Mylio will pick up the changes.
How can I do so on mobile devices?
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I’m afraid I’m not understanding your question. You can certainly edit photo metadata in Mylio on mobile. Select photo(s), tap the Info button (small letter “i”), and start editing metadata fields.

Or are you looking for the equivalent of Finder or File Explorer on your phone? Unfortunately, phones don’t have traditional “file systems” like Mac or Windows. At least in iOS, all storage is app-based (I’m not familiar with Android). So you need an app (like Mylio) to edit file metadata.

Are GPS coordinates the only metadata you’re concerned with here? Are there other fields you want to “manipulate” on mobile?

As mentioned above - in Mylio on iOS you can select multiple photos, choose the Info button, and copy/paste or type new GPS coordinates for them.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
First I did not realise that it was that simple. How do you get the coordinates, since drag and drop dies not seem to work in iOS - and Google Maps seems to use a different format.

Apart from that, the usage of an external app will be helpful for using gpx routes.

I tested this using copy/paste from Google Maps on my iPhone. Mylio doesn’t like the parenthesis that Google places around the coordinates. Just delete those parenthesis after pasting, and it seems to work.

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Unfortunately, copy/paste of GPS coordinates was the closest thing I could find to actual geo-tagging inside the Mylio mobile app - unless I’ve missed another way to do it. There’s no drag/drop onto the map as in the Mac/Windows versions.

Thank you for trying it anyway. Seemingly this is the best solution, I even tried with an iPadOS device.
The other reason for an external application is the ability to use a .gpx file. Seemingly I will need either need to prepare the photos in beforehand or to use a Mac or Windows application.

I have Mylio on an iPad Pro, and dragging already-selected images onto the map in the info pane definitely works for me just as it does on a Mac. I can’t see how to do it on a phone though.

Good point, just tried this on my iPad and you can drag/drop - using my finger - onto the map. I had only tried my iPhone previously.

Interesting - I tried it yesterday using both the pen and the trackpad and I could not get it working.
I will try later on using my fingers…