Better options in the clipboard

I have been frustrated when using the clipboard at the bottom of the Mylio screen, and support has advised posting here to see if my frustrations are shared.
My expectation with the clipboard is that I can gradually put together files that come from various areas of Mylio (that one in a recent album, this pic from 2017, this one in Marseille…), and then typically I would like to add them to an album; export / share them; or add a keyword / flag.
However not much of this is available:

  • The info pane on the right only shows info for the pictures selected in the above pane, not in the clipboard.
  • The export button disappears when selecting pics in the clipboard (File → Export is still available, but more hidden)
  • The right-click menu only has a few options (screenshot below), including weirdly “rescan faces”, and a “Share” option that is easily confused with what to select (“All” / “None”).

My suggestion would be to have more right-click options and especially adding to an album; and to make “Share” more intuitive.