Bigger fonts in IOS Apps

Fonts size all over the places in IOS app is much too small.

Difficult to read

Would be nice to select ourself the font size

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You’ve probably tried this already - but Mylio does support a choice of Small, Medium, or Large fonts on all platforms. Settings -> Appearance

I can’t see this setting, and I wish it was there!

No such option in my Mylio setting/appearance :confused:

It’s there on both iPhone and Windows, so I assume it’s on all Mylio platforms:


As far as I can tell, it’s not mentioned anywhere in the documentation - and even the screen layout here is confusing (what the heck does Calendar vs Mobile do?).

But it does work - I use the Large setting on my iPhone, so I can read the small fonts (eg, the Info Panel) without my reading glasses.

I cant see that setting on My iPhone, and dont see it either on the Mac.
Both are on latest OS and Mylio version.

Same for me … not visible at all … 1st visible setting is “Language” … I also have IOS 14 and latest Mylio version

@jimre You have developer mode turned on currently. Everyone, please note that this mode is a non-supported mode for customers. It has a number of settings/configurations that change how Mylio performs and looks but is untested or has features intentionally hidden to protect from bad bugs or unfinished features.

For this particular Appearance setting, changing the text to large will make larger text visible but will also cause a number of UI discrepancies and is not tested in the languages or some unique screen sizes. Again, the support team and this forum can not support dev mode at this time and is not something we wan posted here on how to turn on. That said, this topic is a great feature request. Thanks all.

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Sorry about that - I forgot I had Developer Mode turned on, from a previous troubleshooting session with the Mylio support folks. No wonder the font feature is not documented or labeled properly (yet) :slight_smile: My apologies…

Yes please! Mylio looks toy-like on my 27" iMac unless I change it away from the default screen scaling to make everything smaller.

Unfortunately, on the desktop version of Mylio there are no options to set the font size of the user interface in 3 sizes. Please bring this option into the client version too! That would be great.

Excuse my bad English, I am from Austria (Europe). :wink: :wink:

Unpopular opinion: I am happy with the font size on both desktop and mobile versions of Mylio.

I am in favor of having user-selectable options to change it as I totally understand everyone needs are different. I just don’t want the current sizes to be force-changed on me as they work fine for all my screens.

The current font sizes are welcome, but an additional 1-2 larger font sizes would be great.
As you write - everyone has different needs. :smiley:
But I’ll be 50 years old in 2 weeks and small font sizes are more difficult to read than when I was 25.