Black Video Thumbnails

I got cca. 500 videos made from DVDs and VHSs. They were transfered to *.mp4 by the studio. In all videos movie start at 0:01. So in Mylio i have black thumbnails for all that videos. Is there any chance to make my own thumbnails for videos or any help how to get rid of black thumbnails? It takes a lot of time to me to cut that 0:01 time from videos.

Thx for help. See the picture below.

So do the videos actually start with black frames? Like do they fade in from black, or something? It seems from your post this might be the case.

Also - what OS are you running on? Windows or Mac?

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Hi, thx for the answer. The same problem is described in “A Way to set a custom …”. I ll not manage all of my 500 videos with video editor. It will be nice to set a video thumbnail by myself. In some video organizers i can make my default video thumbnail with mp3tag editor but this is not working with Mylio. So i will use Mylio for pictures only but it will be nice to have all my family videos and photos in one place. I am on Windows now. Long time Apple user, was amazed with some Windows features. PotPlayer and MusicBee are amazing. Is there a chance to write about video thumbnail to Mylio staff.