BUG: Broken synchronization between multi-vaults when creation/modification date has been changed

I have a setup with 3 vaults (NAS, External Drive, Google Drive).
When I make a fix of creation or modification date of a file by file system (in NAS or External Drive) that change doesn’t propagate to other vaults.
So I have to manually copy changed files to other vaults (except Google Drive) BUT it leads to multipe ghost pictures without source in Mylio UI.
In result the only way to update creation or modification date of pictures is:

  • copy files from a vault to side-place
  • change creation or modification date of files
  • delete original file from the vault
  • wait the end of synchronization
  • copy changed files back to the vault.

I know the way to change a picture date from Mylio UI BUT it will not be reflected in a file storage therefore all other my tools will operate with a wrong creation/modification date.

In my experience, whenever you make a change in Mylio that affects the original (like if you click on “save to Metadata”, I don’t know what the other instances are), the created date/time will change. For my workflow, chasing down the correct created file date/time would be exhausting. Can your other tools read “time digitized” or “content created” in the exif data?

Have you tried using Organize -> Scan for Changes (on the file or its containing folder) in Mylio, after modifying the file metadata? I’ve found that sometimes that’s necessary to trigger a re-scan of the file and its metadata.

The command Organize → Scan for Changes doesn’t work in this case.