Bug in File Name Display

I have a folder with two files named
IMG_4564.jpg and
On a device that only has thumbnails, both display as
IMG_4564.jpg in the File Name box under Info.

If I “Download Original” for IMG_4564-1.jpg, then it displays correctly.

I think this arises because Mylio uses the -1 suffix to distinguish items that have ‘collided’ during sync.

It’s a bit of a technicality. When you don’t have an original on your device, Mylio shows a ‘desired’ filename.

However, once you download the originals and it gets into the filesystem, Mylio will show an ‘actual’ filename. Most of the time they are the same but sometimes they’re not - e.g. Macs and PCs have legal characters that are not legal on the other side.

Or you can import a file with the same filename from 2 different machines into Mylio. This is legal in Mylio, but if you sync both of them to the same device, it’s not legal in the File System so we will rename one of them on the local machine and show the actual filename on disk in the display. This name can differ between devices.