Bug? Keywords in Info panel --> switch to Map panel


If I type in some keywords in the “Info” panel and then directly switch to “Map” panel and then back to the “Info” panel the keywords I specified are lost.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but that’s not intuitive for me.

Best regards!

I think this is a general issue with the design of the Keyword pane - not specific to Maps. There’s no “OK” button to confirm your keyword entries. You have to first click or tab to another field to force them to be saved. Intuitively, you’d think that hitting the “Enter” key would save your keywords, but that just adds a blank carriage return to the keyword field.

I agree - and it gets worse on an iPad - the ‘Tab’ key doesn’t move to the next field, it inserts a tab character into the text. You have to touch the screen to move between fields, but at least that seems to confirm the entry.