Bug: Map in details panel doesn't respect actual filtering

When I filter on a category and choose “All Photos”, I get a nice list of all photos with that category, fine.

But when I switch in the details panel to “Map”, I still get location markers for all the pictures in my library, not only for those with category I’ve filtered on.

When I select a picture with location data, the corresponding location marker in the map gets highlighted, which is correct. But still the number of pictures in that marker is wrong as it counts all picture in my library, not only those with the filtered-on category.

In contrary when I switch the views panel from “All Photos” to “Map” the display is correct. Only location markers for pictures with the right category are displayed.

I think the map in the details panel should behave the same as the map in the view panel and respect the current filtering.

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Is this still true with the most recent release? I just tried it with a name and the filter worked perfectly and magically.

I see the same issue as the original poster. Ver 3.15, build 7309 on Windows 10.

Filtering works on the main top-level Map View just fine. You can set/clear filter criteria and watch the location markers & numbers change.

Filtering on the Map Tab of the Details Pane does not work. You can set/clear filter criteria all you want, but the location markers & numbers do not change.

Yes it is still there in Ver 3.15 (7309) on Mac as well.

To reproduce choose “All Photos” and show the map in the details panel. Then enable filtering and choose f.e. a camera that you shot only a couple of photos with. The markers on the map don’t change and the numbers on the markers show a much higher number than the media number of the filtered result at the bottom of the details panel because the makers do not respect the filtering.
The filtering itself for the thumbnails displayed works. It is only the makers on the map in the details panel and the number within these markers, that do not respect the filtering.

Thanks for clarifying. I have put this in the queue.

The real behavior is a little more complex.

If you are in folder view and establish a filter it both works and doesn’t.

The media counts in the folder corner don’t change.

At the root the map does not change.

As you drill into the folder, you see only the folders that have qualifying media.

If you drill down far enough, it does get reflected in the map pane.

Not right. Just reporting.