Bug report: single .xmp file is created for images imported at different times, having the same name


I use Mylio to manage my 100+ photos library from 4-5 devices (paid version).

Generally things have been going pretty well, until recently when I’ve started noticing some photos from last year showing up in my current folders/calendar. The Mylio UI claims that last year’s photos have current date, which is incorrect when I check actual dates on the files.

What I’ve figured out is the following:

  1. There are several photos with the same name (probably because iphone reuses names). As such, I see files like IMG_9789.HEIC, IMG_9789-1.HEIC. Original files have different creation dates
  2. However, there is only one .XMP file created for these files - I only see IMG_9789.XMP.
  3. The XMP file sets the date for the later (this year’s) picture, however, IMG_9789.HEIC is the file from last year.

As such, the catalogue is messed up (defeating the main purpose I got the Mylio from) and I don’t see an easy way to fix that.

I’m interesting in both making sure that the original issue is addressed (so I can keep using Mylio without a fear that the library will be compromised again), and having a way for me to fix my current catalogue.


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Hi @sfedov,

your problem and mine seem to be related, I get the exact same behaviour and currently I’m not able to get this resolved. Did you find a way?

Kind regards

hi @SymanK,

No, I’ve also reached out to the support team directly, and the only practical advice was to delete the affected pictures and re-import everything, while renaming files along the way.

In my case that’s not something I could do (as I’ve removed the originals from some devices, like phones) and literally hundreds of photos across tens of thousands of pictures.

The issue keeps happening, which is super frustrating.

I found a major bug in Mylio where there were duplicated file name with the -1, -2 etc and “confused” .xmp files that could leave the application in the situation where you thought you were deleting one file but Mylio was deleting the other leading to original file loss. It was actually a lot more complex and convoluted than I described but I spent some weeks going back and forth on this with the developer team and they issued an updated version in December to supposedly fix it.

I would like to know if you are still having issues with your duplicate naming and single imp file?

Hi @sfedov and @Kerry,

what you describe sounds exactly like my problem. I’m currently not using Mylio anymore because of it and am really really unhappy with the status quo as it is more or less impossible to assess the damage I did when deleting files, as the photos and .xmp-files are not matching in every case and the behaviour when updating thumbnails and especially when identifying faces is not consistent and predictable :-1: :frowning:

Could you describe what the fix in December might have been? I must admit that I more or less completely lost any trust in Mylio. It is super frustrating to think that photos were lost because I trusted the software with it :frowning: