Bug report: single .xmp file is created for images imported at different times, having the same name


I use Mylio to manage my 100+ photos library from 4-5 devices (paid version).

Generally things have been going pretty well, until recently when I’ve started noticing some photos from last year showing up in my current folders/calendar. The Mylio UI claims that last year’s photos have current date, which is incorrect when I check actual dates on the files.

What I’ve figured out is the following:

  1. There are several photos with the same name (probably because iphone reuses names). As such, I see files like IMG_9789.HEIC, IMG_9789-1.HEIC. Original files have different creation dates
  2. However, there is only one .XMP file created for these files - I only see IMG_9789.XMP.
  3. The XMP file sets the date for the later (this year’s) picture, however, IMG_9789.HEIC is the file from last year.

As such, the catalogue is messed up (defeating the main purpose I got the Mylio from) and I don’t see an easy way to fix that.

I’m interesting in both making sure that the original issue is addressed (so I can keep using Mylio without a fear that the library will be compromised again), and having a way for me to fix my current catalogue.