Bug using "_display.jpg"

So I ran into an image rotation issue with _display.jpg files. I use CaptureOne as my external editor, I edit a raw image and process it to a _display.jpg in the same folder. Mylio sees that _display file and uses it for the thumbnail/preview. That’s all good.

The problem was with a second computer that is NOT a vault. When my _display.jpg files sync’d over to that second computer, the images with the _display.jpg suddenly rotate 90 degrees.

If, however, that second computer downloads the originals for the problem images, the issue resolves itself. So it appears that the _display.jpg is having trouble on non-vault devices.

Hi @PSG,
maybe the same issue that I had?
I didn’t finally resolved it but check the meta data with any exif viewer. I assume you will see different rotation values as I did. However, there we’re still open questions since my iMac (has all originals) showed different behaviour from mobile devices. Your findings are very interesting regarding the original file resolving the rotation issue!
Anyways, I decided to change my workflow and not use the _display files but use a new root folder ˋdeveloped´ instead.