BUG: Wrong orientation for pictures took in Portrait mode iOS

I’ve made import from Photos Library on macOS Sierra. All pictures has been made on the latest iPhone11promax+ios13.
All imported pictures made in Portrait mode show up in Mylio UI in a wrong orientation!
I’ve check source files - they are in HEIC format and show up in all different viewers on macOS in the proper orientation.

This is a bug that we used to have with HEIC files and fixed in a recent update. Are all of your devices running the latest version of Mylio?

If so, does it still do this on newly taken pictures or just the older pictures that you imported?

Great to hear this bug got your attention. When was this fixed and what does this mean for photos were the orientation was already wrong? Do I need to re-import these photos or should they be fixed due to the bug fix?

I have the latest version of Mylio on iPhone and Mac. I’ve made import pictures on iPhone. In result - the most of imported HEIC pictures show in the correct orientation EXCEPT some pictures took in portrait mode with landscape orientation of the phone! And here a “funny” bug - that pictures show up in a wrong orientation than flip and show up in correct orientation than flip and wrong, flip and correct etc.
So, please fix completely the bug with HEIC pictures taken in the Portrait mode.

@Mylio_Deon How I can force MyLio to regenerate thumbnails and previews for previously imported HEIC pictures in portrait mode to fix it showing?


For previews, you can just set that folder with the bad images to not require previews, then clear the cache. Do it while there is only 1 device online (and that device has to contain originals), otherwise it will re-fetch it instead of regenerate it.

For thumbnails, I’ll send a DM.

Sorry, but I don’t understand your guidance.
I have setup with:

  • iMac
  • NAS vault connected to iMac
  • Google drive vault.

So, then I set the policy “thumbnail” for a folder on iMac than clear cache on iMac it doesn’t affect previews in Vaults.

The simultaneous Google and NAS vault makes this tricky. We may need to release a quick update for this.

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So, I’ve processes all HEIC files manually.
Thanks for recommendations!

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i discovered the same problem today and am happy that i am not alone.

Thank you in advance for the update.

Are you still seeing this on newly taken pictures on the iPhone, or only for pictures you took a while ago?

The case “…EXCEPT some pictures took in portrait mode with landscape orientation of the phone! And here a “funny” bug …” is for for newly taken pictures with the latest version on Mylio

The old wrongly oriented pictures I’ve fixed one-be-one filtering HEIC pictures and rotating it manually.
The filter:
media:"NonRAWOriginalFormat(Files) like 'heic'"

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Both, but it looks like I only concern videos that were recorded in portrait format.

Where and how did you enter that?

Just enter the string in the search bar

Hello @Dmitry,

Alright, then I did it right. I was wondering if it was correct that there were no results, but then it doesn’t really matter.

Thank you!

We added a setting in 3.8 (released today) to be able to turn off Google Drive by itself (and keep the NAS on).

It’s under Sync/Sync With Cloud Services. So if you want you can now turn it off then clear the cache, and it shouldn’t sync back from Google drive.

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Hi all
I have the same problem since last week. I thought it was solved by update?!
I have thousands of pictures in HEIC format from my iPhone in my Mylio library.
Some (many) of them are now displayed with wrong orientation. The problem affects both formats, landscape and portrait. However, the previews within Mylio are correctly oriented. And when I rotate the photos manually, the previews are wrong afterwards! :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
In Windows Explorer - tested with different image viewers - everything is shown correctly, i.e. preview AND fullscreen.
What can I do?
Can the problem be related to the fact that I applied the “safe metadata to file” command to a lot of images (including HEIC) last week?

Thank you very much - I am getting desperate… :confused: