Calendar editing

I have a raft of old photos scanned at a certain date (date created). I’d like to set them up for viewing in a chronological manner at least in the right year, and within that in the right month.

I would love to see the editing ability within calendar view to change the creation date by moving the pictures on the calendar grid in an edit mode - somehow… Be able to make the grid hot to edit, or not.

It’s a pain to check the date of a photo before or after and then go though the editing function as it is set up right now - as precise as it is.

I hope others see the time saving value in that idea.


If you’re adept with your computer’s command line, you can use “exiftool” to change the creation date in the photos themselves. You can easily do a whack of them at once (all for the same date, of course).

Hope this workaround makes your life easier until your UI idea is implemented.

I wish I knew what you were describing.