CAMERA Support Requests

Pinning this thread for a while to gather more feedback. We have been tracking internally based on customers who have emailed the support team for a while now but having a record of most requested cameras in the forum will be nice.

Please be sure to add a like “:hearts:” to an existing comment that has your camera instead of replying with your own separate comment. Please also only add comments for cameras not listed in the RAW Camera Support Documentation and limit comments to one camera. Any comment that has more than one camera listed will be removed as it will not allow us to understand likes accurately.

EDIT 4/13/20:

This post is unpinned from the top of Feature Requests but please continue to add your cameras here. Restrictions on comments have been removed but please do your best to start new threads regarding conversations that are not directly linked to a specific camera support request.


Compressed Fuji RAF support


Panasonic GX9


Canon M50 CR3

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Lightroom Mobile RAW (DNG) HDR format, as created by Lightroom iOS camera. I’ve previously emailed Mylio about this, but thought I’d get some visibility on the forum. Images in this format are displayed in Mylio with weird pink colors and/or appear corrupted.


Nikon Z6 NEF, shot using DX crop mode is not recognized by Mylio. Seems to me more like a bug though, since photos shot in FX mode is recognized.

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Sony a6400 - Thanks


Thanks, the Z6 should be fully supported. We have our dev team investigating.

Canon EOS R and RP.

I think one of the things really holding Mylio back is the slowness to support new camera raw formats. It’s hard to fully commit to an organizer that may not support your photos for over a year. I can imagine this is a particular problem for people who often upgrade. By the time their existing camera is supported they may be ready to upgrade to a new model.


Sony RX0 mark II RAW files

Panasonic Lumix TZ100/102

Panasonic Lumix TZ200/202

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Sony Cybershot HX99

And TZ220, the Australian version of the TZ200/202.

@bekesizl this thread is for RAW format files from specific cameras.

The iPhone 7 Plus should import images to Mylio and display them correctly. If you are having an issue with your phone and Mylio please feel free to contact Mylio Support ( or create a new thread in the Get Help category

Big BUMP, for additional RAW camera support.

Team Mylio, is there any update you can give to where this sits on the priority list? Is there anything we can do to help as the community?

I don’t need to edit or even view my RAW’s in mylio - as i always shoot RAW+JPG. So the capability Mylio currently has is close (it can back them up - yay! that’s first step), and it shows me the little tag “RAW+JPG” as available, nice. But could Mylio use the JPG as the default to display, so that the image shows in the Mylio library without the loading errors? . Then if i choose to open in “XXXX” program, give me the choice of opening the jpg or the RAW. And if i choose to export, i can either export the RAW as is, or the JPG with Mylio’s normal options.

(FYI, i shoot Fuji X-H1, which i no longer put any RAWs into Mylio).


Hello @byron,
I am in a similar shoe with my CR3 files from my Canon M50.
Support helped me to find a way to use my JPGs after the change in the December update, where the backup functionality was added to not (yet) supported raw formats.
In Settings - General you have to disable “Prefer RAW when available” and Mylio will use your JPG files for everything, but display there is also a raw file.
You might have to redo some of the face recognition (at least I had to) and it will regenerate a lot of thumbnails/previews. Especially for the ones added since this December update. But after this is done, it gets back to working as normal.


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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! Thanks so very much for the tip.
I’ve changed the setting now and will take the camera out for a spin tomorrow to get some new images to add. I don’t think i’ve put any (at least many) RAW files into Mylio this year, so I don’t think there will be too much impact making the change.
Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Olympus E-M10 Mark III