Can I have Mylio organize without copying anything anywhere?

I’m not sure if this is a Get Help or a Feedback or a Feature Request.

What I’m trying to do is this: I want to see all of my media on a single machine only, on both local and external drives, through the Mylio interface.

I don’t want anything synced or copied anywhere. I don’t want anything protected or backed up—I already have full system backups for that purpose. I don’t want Mylio to copy any media anywhere. I want directories on an external drive visible when it’s connected, but I don’t want that external drive used for anything else. I don’t need deletion protection.

I want Mylio to act as a simple organizer, in other words.

Can it be configured to do that? The application really seems to want to do otherwise, and I’m getting the feeling this may not be a supported use case…

You can sort of do what you’re referring to by having all your folders containing photos added to Mylio as Source Folders. See this article for details: Import with Source Folders - Mylio

By using source folders Mylio will essentially catalog the contents of the source folders you add and create an entire library that way. It will generate thumbnails and potentially previews of your photos that will be stored in your Mylio home directory. And because you’re creating a direct link between Mylio and your source folders, deleting something in Mylio will delete it in the source folder.

If you want to better understand how this works, I suggest you email our support team at You can also message me here directly.

If you simply want a visual browser of your photos and don’t need advanced photo organization, syncing and replication, you might want to try Photo Mechanic.

Perfect. I found the documentation around this confusing for some reason, but this is working great—thanks!

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