Can I separate private and company?

I am new to Mylio and would like to use it in my small company.
Can I separate private and company?
In the company, I don’t want the 3 employees to see my private photos.
Is that possible?

Thanks a lot for your help.

No, it’s not possible. At least not with any sort of “real” security, if you’re concerned about it.

Best you can do is tag folders (or photos) with Categories (eg, Work vs. Personal) then set up a Filter on the other computers to only show “Work” category photos. And hope they don’t disable or change the Filter (which they can easily do).

There have been several lengthy discussions of this topic here already, here are a couple:

Feature Request: Hidden Photos - Feature Requests - Mylio Community

Separate photo collection to subcollections, not all subcollection visible by default - Feature Requests - Mylio Community

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Another way to accomplish this would be to set up separate Mylio accounts altogether, one for personal and one for business. You can easily access multiple accounts on a computer, but not a mobile device.

On a macOS or Windows computer, set up separate computer users with their own logins. When you open Mylio on each user for the first time, you will be prompted to login or create an account even though you are opening the same app from the original installation. Then switch users to go back and forth between Mylio accounts.

We frequently do this internally to separate our personal Mylio account and the Mylio Library we use for demo purposes.

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Of course then you’d be paying for two Mylio subscriptions (assuming you need more than “Free” plan), or so I assume.

Thank you for the answers.
Have I understood this correctly?
I need the separate Mac user (we only use Apple devices, Mac and iOS) only to create the second Mylio account?
Then I don’t have to change the Mac user every time, but can change the account in Mylio?

Thank you very much.

No, you would have to switch Mac user logins each time you want to use a different Mylio account. As far as I know, you can only have ONE Mylio account per Mac/Windows user login. This is because it has to store your Mylio account’s database files in your user folders.

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That is a pity. But thanks for the quick answer.

On Windows itt works with one Win user two Mylio accounts.
I use it this way since Mylio_Deon described it in a post.

Yes, but:

  1. this trick is Windows ONLY, does not work on Mac (OP is on Mac).
  2. it’s un-supported, not guaranteed to continue working

Therefore I did not mention this.

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