Can the Mylio Catalog be stored in vault on external drive?

The default location for the Mylio Catalog is UserName/AppData/Mylio (I’m on Windows 10).
I will not have a vault on my PC, it will be on an external drive only.
Can I make the Catalog instead be stored on the external drive?

On Windows Mylio stores its catalog (database) files in your user/AppData folder. I don’t believe you can change this location. Not sure why you’d want to.

For your external drive - will this be a second Mylio device? (Devices → Add → External Drive). If so, then Mylio will automatically store a copy of the catalog (database) on that drive. That way, the drive is “portable” - you can move it between any computers that are logged into your Mylio account.

The alternative is to have a single Mylio device (your Windows computer) and simply tell Mylio to re-locate its library (image files) to the external drive, rather than the internal computer drive. With this method, the external drive will be tied to that specific Windows computer only.

This is interesting information. Thank you for explaining.

In the end I think what I want is to have the external drive be the main vault (and Google Drive will be my second vault, for backup, although I am saving all my questions about that for later…); but for the PC, I need to configure it NOT to be a vault because it does not have enough storage space on it. (The external drive is plugged in to the PC almost all the time.)

Is this possible? I guess it almost seems like I don’t want to install Mylio on the PC at all… is that possible, to install it wholly on the external drive and not on the PC somehow? (I think that is why I was wondering if I could put the catalog on the external drive, instead of under User/AppData, in addition to all the image files… so that everything is self-contained on the external drive.)

If not … then I guess I would probably keep the PC as a device but move its library to the external drive, because, as mentioned, it doesn’t have enough room for all the images. Right? Is that the only option, in order to not have the whole library on the PC? If so that seems maybe too bad, because if I understand correctly, then the external drive is not stand-alone (i.e. not a device).

I must admit I am a little confused about whether what you are calling “its library (image files)” is different from a vault.

I guess a basic question is - where are all your photos stored currently? That will help determine the best way to get them “into” Mylio.

The photos are on the external drive. They are organized in folders, maybe 2-3 levels deep, named by dates and/or events.

If you’re happy with the current folder/organization of your photos - then I’d suggest you leave them where they are on the external drive, and tell Mylio to use those as your “master” copy (Vault):

  1. Install Mylio on your PC, don’t import any photos during setup.
  2. After installation, choose File -> Import -> External Drive
  3. Select Add Without Moving, choose which folder(s)

Full instructions can be found here: Importing from an External Drive - Mylio

The Mylio app has to be running on a computer somewhere (either Windows or Mac). External USB drives are just storage devices, they can’t “run” software. You may be thinking of a NAS (Network-Attached Storage), which is a self-contained computer that acts as a file server. Mylio doesn’t yet have a version that runs on a NAS but there are plenty of feature requests here for that - for example: Headless version of Mylio for linux - Feature Requests - Mylio Community

So you’d install & run Mylio on your Windows computer, but tell it to reference your existing photos on the external drive as your main “vault”, rather than storing any photos on its internal drive. See post above.