Cannot add OneDrive as my Vault

I would like to add OneDrive as my Vault, but it does not accept my username and password.
I used account provided by the university (5TB space), but Mylio/MS does not accept it.

Could it be that Mylio supports only personal OneDrive? If so, do you have plans to add also OneDrive for Business?


We do not have support for OneDrive for Business (SharePoint) at this time. Only OneDrive personal accounts. This could change down the road but nothing currently being worked on at the moment.

Is there a way to follow feature requests like this?

Also just wanted to note that the current OneDrive API works with “OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint document libraries, and Office Group”[1] so implementing this is more updating to current APIs (getting more and better functionality) than adding new things to maintain.



Hi DMbnkli,

Thanks for the information about the OneDrive API - I’ll send this off to our team and we’ll look at how it fits into our schedule.

I think generally the best way to monitor for these types of changes is to keep an eye on our What’s New page or your app store/play store release notes when there is a new version.

+1 for being able to synch to OneDrive for Business. I’m helping set up my niece with Mylio and a major selling point was being able to back up to her university account.

+1 OneDrive for Business

+1 - OneDrive (no Business) does not support > 1TB. It’s easy to get 5TB and more in OneDrive. So it’s a good way combining personal usage and backup on the same cloud.

Mee Too +1 to add OneDrive for Bussiness to Mylio.

Hello - this is about six months later.

Any update on replacing the legacy implementation that only works with OneDrive personal accounts with the current implementation working with all OneDrive and Sharepoint systems? I have TBs of unused storage on OneDrive (business account, university etc) so I’m not going to pay for more storage with another provider just to use Mylio. With the Microsoft Family service, I would expect more people will have access to a lot of storage through the modern OneDrive going forward.

This is currently preventing me from going from a free Mylio account to a paid account.

As an aside, S3 compatible storage should really be on the plan as well.

I’d like to add my vote for this feature. Right now, I have to keep my Amazon Cloud account just to sync Mylio. I’d prefer to use the MS One Drive for Business account I use for everything else.

+1 Exact same problem.
My OneDrive account is ready to serve, but your application does not support it at all.

It’s pity, and now the only obstacle before going green and all in.