Can't create account

I’m trying to create an account to give Mylio a try, and I’m following the instructions to add an email address and enter a password and hit continue to create an account (a “Create account” button would, btw, be so much more intuitive …) but all I get is a popup saying “No account found or incorrect password”. This happens in both the App (Win 10) and on the website. So it would seem that I can no longer create an account?

Hi @Rob, I cant run the installation wizard again on mz devices, but isn’t there an option to create an account, maybe when you click the gear at the top right of the setup/signing screen?

Here is a support article i found for the setup
Maybe this can help. Or did you get a verification email?
(btw… the article is general not jsut Facebook)

I just installed Mylio on a new device to see how this is supposed to work, and I do find it rather confusing that there is no ‘create account’ button. Having entered a spare email address and new password, I did get the verification email, which looks like this:

Until that verification has been done, the account will not work. @Rob, have you received an email like this? Perhaps it went to junk/spam.

Thanks everybody for the responses. I tried again with a different email account and it worked fine - so my bad.

But yes, a “create account” button would be nice!


@Rob. glad it worked and thanks for sharing the result.