Can't install on iMac Big Sur

I downloaded Mylio after researching for a week so I thought I understood what I was doing. However, I get no further than install when it will NOT allow me to add an external drive. It won’t “see” it. I did unplug all and then restart but this didn’t help. Also, won’t add a NAS device either. It gets to the point of Watch Folder/You cannot select a root directory and that’s that. I even uninstalled Mylio and started over and get the same results.

It’s hard to respond because I haven’t done the new setup process for a long time, and I’m not clear on what steps you have completed, but I think what I would try first is to allow a simple installation to complete, with no extra drives or NAS. Then I would try adding the other devices. When it says you cannot select a root directory, try adding a folder from outside Mylio and then point Mylio to that. I hope that helps - maybe someone else with recent experience of what you are doing could help. (By the way, I’m using Mylio successfully on an iMac with Big Sur.)

Hi Judy - we have two upcoming webinars this week that might be helpful to you - particularly the one on Wednesday.

You can sign up for them here: Webinars - Mylio

During the webinars you can ask question and get either a direct response from a support tech or a live demonstration of the solution from me. This might be the easiest way to help you with your specific scenarios.