Can't type a "space" on iPad+Magic Keyboard

So, I thought I start reeeaaallly tagging and entering info into all of my pictures in Mylio.

Using my iPad Pro (2020) and Magic Keyboard, I select the picture, tap into the title/caption text field and start writing… and after the first word it stops.

Turns out, as soon as I press the space bar, the text field is deactivated for some reason.

I can’t properly type that way. How come nobody noticed that so far? Please, Mylio team, fix this as soon as possible! Thanks!

Oh, and please don’t forget that the scroll gestures on the iPad trackpad are not supported yet. I still need to touch the screen to scroll…

Edit: So it seems that keystrokes which are assigned a function do execute the function, instead of just typing. Space enables/dsables face tagging, and pressing backspace triggers the delete picture dialogue instead of typing backspace, even when the typing cursor is active…

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Hi @SplitMind - thank you so much for letting us know about your experience.

The issue with the space bar taking focus away from the field you’re typing in is actually a new issue that we’re aware of and hope to have a fix for very soon.

Trackpad gestures and scrolling are something we all want to implement but it, sadly, isn’t a small project. We know we’ll get there eventually but I’m not sure when.

Thanks @Mylio_Matt for picking up on this so quickly. We’ve just encountered an even nastier aspect to this, namely that if using the ‘backspace’ key to clear some text in the title or caption fields, it acts as the Delete File or Remove from Album action depending on the context used. EEEEKKKK

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Just wondering when the backspace key issue might be fixed :slight_smile:


OMG, I just posted about this issue (after searching these forums). Glad I’m not the only one with this issue!


The latest version (3.17) has fixed this issue, I think!


The latest update fixed the issues for me :slight_smile:


Agreed, the latest version released recently does fix this behavior.

Now the keyboard can be used for typing as long as the cursor is active. Other keyboard functions are only available when not in typing mode.

Thanks, team! Next stop: Adding iPad trackpad/mouse features like scrolling :wink: