Captions also fills the Title field

I use Imatch for part of my workflow. If I write a description for a photo in Imatch (synonym to caption I guess), I would expect it to show up in Mylio in the caption field, after a write back to file in Imatch. It does in most cases, but sometimes also the Title field is filled with the same text. Why? Any solution for this?

I would expect that if I write a caption in Mylio and save metadata to file, then this should show in Imatch, but it doesn`t. Any experiences with this?

Could this be related to NEF-files?

The nice thing about metadata “standards” is that there’s an infinite number of them to pick from :slight_smile:

I believe Mylio writes “Caption” into the “dc:” (Dublin Core) “description” field in the XMP file. This the same field where Adobe Lightroom writes its Caption into. Not sure which field(s) Mylio reads “Caption” from - possibly several, in addition to “dc:description”.

Mylio writes “Title” into the “dc:title” field in the XMP. Again, not sure where it reads “Title” from, besides “dc:title”.

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Well the strange thing is that sometimes both the title field and caption field is filled in Mylio, other times just title and sometimes just caption.


Not really strange. Metadata interop between apps is a complete disaster. Has been for 20 years.

You can get this same effect just using Windows OS - right-click, choose File.Properties.
Edit the “Title” field.

This will now save your text into at least 5 different fields:

EXIF: ImageDescription
IPTC: Caption-Abstract
XMP: dc:Description (Mylio’s Caption field)
XMP: dc:Title (Mylio’s Title field)

Presumably iMatch is doing something similar - writing the data from one field into multiple fields, to ensure that at least one of them gets “picked up” by all the random apps that use different fields.

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Thank you jimre. Then I have to think what i will do. Possible to set Mylio to read from one specific field, for example dc:description?

This is not a problem if you use just Mylio, but if you use other applications too and want it to be visible there, then there is a problem.

No, I don’t think you can prevent Mylio from reading the TItle field - but maybe iMatch has option on which field(s) to write?

A possible hack workaround, if this is a big problem for you. I think some apps won’t overwrite the Title field unless it’s blank (not sure if this is how iMatch works). Maybe try putting a single space in the Title field for a bunch of photos, and perhaps iMatch will leave that field alone?

I found out that writing caption in Mylio show up in Adobe Bridge but not in Imatch. I saved the metadata to file. But nothing visible in Imatch…Why? Any experience with this?

iMatch must be using some other field as “Caption”. As I mentioned above, there are unfortunately MANY choices for apps to pick from. Is there anything in iMatch that lets you configure this behavior?

Mylio seems to make the same choices as Adobe products in this regard. Windows also, it appears: if I set a Caption in Mylio then choose Save Metadata to File - the Caption also appears in Windows file explorer (as the “Subject” property).

I don’t use iMatch, but from a quick search it appears they have extensive support for “Templates” to customize which fields are used upon importing files:

I am not sure, but it is not called caption in Imatch but “Description” Have to try to find out then. But Mylio writes to “dc”?

Mylio writes its “Caption” field into the XMP “dc:description” field. (“dc:” is a namespace called “Dublin Core” - one of several common metadata standards).

Mylio saves this by default into the XMP sidecar file, and optionally also saves into the XMP section of the JPEG file (when you choose Save Metadata to FIle).

In Imatch it seems like the description field has this tag: XMP::\dc\description\Description

I assume this is a file that’s already imported into iMatch? Is there something you need to do in iMatch to force it to re-read an existing file’s metadata?

For example, in Adobe Lightroom you need to choose “Read Metadata from File” in order to see any changes that Mylio has written.

I created two simple pictures with Paint.
To one, I added Title+Caption in Mylio and used “Save metadata to file”. It is after that visible in IMatch under the Title+Description.
image image
To the other I added Title+Headline+Description in IMatch and wrote back the metadata. Title and Description are displayed in IMatch, Headline not.

So in general, these fields are compatible.
You can make a test file for you and fill all fields in Mylio and check what is visible in IMatch and where from those fields.

image image

Thank you for investigating this. What I have discovered is that if I write a description/caption to a NEF-raw file in Imatch and write the metadata to file, it fills the same content into the caption field in Mylio, BUT ALSO the title field. But if I process the NEF-file in DxO and export a jpg to the original location, then it works as it should. Seems to be normal behavior for jpg-files and CR2-files.

I think I found out that caption and title written in Mylio for NEF-files showed up correct in Imatch.

Hmm… , wonder why?

Yes, I have to rescan the folder in Imatch.

Great, thanks for sharing and help!