Categories - Calender import- possible to remove?

Is it possible to remove Calender Import as a category or the best would be if I could hide it to make other categories/events more visible. Anyone knows?

I haven’t found a way, and you can’t rename it, so I move it right to the end of the list along with Documents. I don’t use the relevant features in Mylio.

When selecting a category, eg in an Event or Folder there is a pencil at the top right. If you click that one you can edit the categories and change their sequence. You can also add or delete categories from there.

I’m afraid this is true of all except Calendar Import, Documents, and Other, for which you can only change the order in which they appear.

@aearenda, ok, indeed, you can only drag that one to the end, otherwise the calendar import function of Mylio could get broken i guess.
If you would remove all events that were previously imported the cagtegory would not show anymore. Guess you could filter that in the calendar view and then delete the calendar events so they won’t show again.

Hi @flindland - thanks for asking this. I’m wondering if you could tell me a bit more about what you’re trying to accomplish in removing these default categories.

Does moving them to the bottom of the Categories list (so they would show up as last in the list of event bars) solve the problem? Or does their presence of the calendar, in general, bother you and the only good solution would be to hide them?

The reason I want to be able to hide (be able to toggle on and off) calender import is to make other events more visible. A lot of the events in the calender import category are not important for me to have visible in the calender. They take too much space. If you bring back the event view, maybe it would be easier to view events.