Categories. Other and Documents and other questions

What defines the default Categories “Other” and “Documents.”

Why is the interface different for Categories and Keywords? They seem like overlapping features. Categories interface is friendly or more modern.

What does the “Create Defaults” button do? Now I can’t see this button.

What is “Calendar Import?” Friends? Family? I see 9 media when I select Friends. None with Family.

I would expect most of these to be addressed in

They are similar but different in important ways. Categories are best-suited for a small number of unique “categories” - and better-suited for Filtering rather than Searching. First, Mylio’s implementation of categories in its database only allows for (I think) 255 categories max - which makes for extremely fast filtering. Second, I find the horizontal-scrolling interface for Categories to be completely useless when you have more than a couple dozens of Categories.

You can have an arbitrarily-large number of Keywords, however (I have thousands of them) and searching for them is reasonably fast.

Categories are inheritable from the folder hierarchy or from events, and they are quick because they only work in the database. You can set the category for thousands of images very quickly, but setting keywords or flags is slower because Mylio has to update every sidecar as well. Categories don’t get exported with photos - they are internal to Mylio. I think there’s a good intro to their purpose in the Mylio video at Make the Most of Mylio Session 2: Next Level Organization - YouTube starting at 17:50.

The Calendar Import category is reserved for events brought in automatically from your calendar. Documents should pick up anything Mylio sees as a document rather than a photo. The rest are entirely up to you - there is no automation, and you can change their names as you wish apart from ‘Others’.

‘Create defaults’ just sets up the standard categories again if you have changed them.

I really wish the videos had textual documents to go with them to provide this kind of information for those of us who read quickly.

@aearenda makes a very good point. Categories are Mylio-only. If you ever want your photo “tags” to be available in other applications, then use Keywords.

People all use Categories differently - but I think it’s a good mechanism to “partition” your Mylio library into several large working sets. Eg, work vs home. Family photos vs portfolio work. Travel, wildlife, sports, portraits, etc. Not so good for identifying specific elements/attributes of specific photos (way too many of those). I think of them almost like “sub-catalogs”.

@jimre and @aearenda. Thank you. This helps.

Documents is pretty hit or miss. Text or signage, but others are way off.

I appreciate the advice on how to use Keywords and Categories. The Categories implementation is so much better, but it probably wouldn’t scale to 100s of keywords. (The cursor doesn’t even show up in the Keywords field). I don’t rely on xmp, but if I ever change programs I see the need.

Embarrassingly I watched J.C.'s presentation when he first gave it, but rewatching helped. I need to work on selecting categories.

Mylio only allows 50 categories, including the three mandatory ones - I just tried adding more.

It definitely will NOT scale to 100s of categories. I was mistaken above - the hard limit in Mylio is actually just 50 categories. Not sure about “better” - my opinion the horizontal-scrolling filter UI is a total pain to use with a mouse, maybe not quite as bad with a touch screen.

It’s easier with a trackpad too.

I suspect if anything can be OCR’d, it’s a ‘document’.

Some of us dinosaurs still use desktop computers with mice :slight_smile:


Mine has both - the trackpad for coarse work, the mouse set to be more sensitive :mouse2: :sauropod:

I think you should see the Keywords as a word or short set of words that describes prime elements in the photo; e.g. “dolphins”, “turtles”, “mountains”, “foodie”. Photos that you want to mark as “Party” or “Travel” should be Categories. I think that is why keywords for instance don’t autocomplete. If you would assign a broad description to hundreds of photos, use Category; if you would assign a pretty specific description to a handful of photos, use keywords.

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No - the reason keywords don’t autocomplete is simply because Mylio has not written this feature yet. Competing apps like Lightroom have this - along with several types of “keyword pickers” - and it’s sorely missed in Mylio. We’ve been asking for this for a long time.


Very sensitive to any text. Didn’t realize that there was a tiny bit of signage in the background of some of the photos. Although searching on some of those words didn’t turn up anything.

Can the OCR results be seen for a particular photo?

See previous thread from March:

View OCR Text Recognised - Get Help - Mylio Community

Is it right that Mylio team has been talking about a category view? I really like Mylio, but it is a pain to scroll to add categories or view metadata. I hope it could be easier to adjust/move panels. The keyword panel is also too small and simpel.

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