Categories vs. Keywords: Which to use for what?

Categories seem to be a concept similar to keywords (except that keywords are freeform at this time and, therefore, more error prone…I see posts for a better keyword implementation).

Aside from the method of data entry, what is the intent for having keywords and categories?

  • Is there a difference in how they should be used?
  • I think that keywords are written to metadata and categories are not. Is that a correct assessment?

I suggest you read this thread for some material on this topic.

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Thanks, aearenda, that was helpful. It confirmed my belief that categories don’t make it in the metadata, which would be helpful for some of my workflow. I do wish Mylio had a better keyword implementation…at least a type ahead predictor that would help prevent typos.

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Totally agree. Keywiords are a second though in Mylio.

(ps: Nice to have a thread which I started “cited” here. :wink: )