Change plugin settings

Hello, I am using the trial version of Mylio together with Lightroom (classic). I have found the publish option (Mylio plugin) within LR. Which creates a jpg file with the addition “_display” and enables Mylio to show the edited file from LR.
Within LR I have also other publish plugins (Flickr, Adobe Stock). I am able to change the export settings of these plugins. Until now I have not found a way to change the (plugin) export setting from Mylio.
Is there way to do this?

This article has more info on the plugin: Creating Display Images for edits made outside of Mylio - Mylio Support

At this time, there are no settings to change, it is simply only possible to publish.

Oké thanks for the answer.
Another thing I have noticed is the folowing; There are a few pictures that will remain in the folder “new photos to publish”. After choose the “publish” option, they won’t appear in the folder " published photos" they still remain in the folder “new photos to publish”.
How to fix this?

Check to see if the “_display” image was created successfully, delete them from to be published. or leave them and have a new display image created each publish.

Oké this is solved now, thanks!

Another question.
When I delete an image in Lightroom and also delete it from the drive, it is also removed from the published images.
However, these images are still visible in Mylio. I have checked the drive and the original images (including the _display images) are not there.
How do I sync this or do I have to manually delete them form Mylio?

If the file is in a Mylio folder - a folder Mylio is aware of, like you home directory or the Mylio_xxxxx folder in a vault, removing the file form another application or at the file system level will remove it from Mylio. However, if you have multiple vaults and Safe Delete is on, Mylio will try to restore the now missing file.