Change the host for a NAS vault

I know with Mylio only one PC communicates with a NAS vault. I’ve just set up a new PC and I’m wondering how to break the connection between the NAS and the old PC and then connect it to the new PC. Is it as simple as unregistering the NAS and then re-registering it on the new PC?

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I don’t believe there’s (yet) any fully-supported way to re-connect a NAS Vault to a new host PC within Mylio. The simplest thing would be to “Unregister Device” for the NAS on the old PC, and then add a new NAS Vault on the new PC. Then let it re-sync all your files (again) to the NAS. This will of course take a while, and it will duplicate all the files that are already on the NAS (which are now essentially orphaned). The problem with a NAS Vault is that its database (and all of its sync state information) resides on the original host PC.

In the forum thread below, it appears there may be an unsupported, error-prone way to manually copy database files, etc. to transfer the NAS without re-syncing. But I would strongly suggest contacting Mylio support for help instead of just trying to “hack” it yourself:

Thanks for the pointer, support ticket submitted!

That post has been taken down for now. The stated workaround does not appear to be working and we do not want to cause further confusion. At this time, the only supported and recommend method for changing the NAS host is verify Originals are stored on a different device set as a Vault, remove the NAS from the Mylio account, and re-add it from the new computer you want to host. This will process re-sync the library to the NAS.