Changing / Reassigning Login Methods

I’m going through a lot of digital changes including changing from a my primary personal account to a Google Workspace (GSuite) account, moving all my files over, while also working through a 100GB digitized family photo archive. Now I had created my Mylio account via a social login expecting to be able to add other social logins and being able to disconnect old ones as needed. This is how it works on most websites that allow multiple social logins. But now I am told by Mylio’s support team that I can only use a single social login even with multiple accounts that use the same email address and I can only use a single social login and even worse, I cannot disconnect it and change it to another one … not even to manual username & password method without social login. But why oh why :exploding_head:

(1) I’d love this to change.
(2) Could someone explain to me why so far this has been the way?

FYI: I just changed my email for the forum & logged in with that email’s Google account. This is what I expected of Mylio as well.